Cimento del Naviglio
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Things to do in Milan this week – January 23-29
The best things to do in Milan this week, including Music, Art, Museums, Shopping and Restaurants, chosen by Bella Milano Tours.

Cascina Cuccagna

Cascina Cuccagna

ARTISAN MARKETCascina Cuccagna is a unique place: formerly a farm in the surroundings of Milan, it has been swallowed by the growing city and it is located now in a rather affluent residential district, close to the subway station Lodi. Sunday 27 the Carrousel Market, whose theme is going to be “Sales Mon Amour”, will welcome you with more than 50 stalls of artisans and fashion designers. January is traditionally the month of discounts. what better chance to find original handmade bargains in a special venue.

MUSIC – January 27 is the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. On Saturday 26th at 8.30 pm, a very special violin will be played at the Auditorium di Milano, in largo Mahler (tram 3 from Duomo square). It has a Star of David engraved on its bottom, and it belonged to a young Jewish woman who was deported to Auschwitz and died there. After the  war it was found and restored, and it is now owned by violinist Alessandra Sonia Romano, who will play it in a duet with renowned pianist Bruno Canino. Tickets 10/15 euro.

Shoah Memorial of Milan

Shoah Memorial of Milan

SHOAH MEMORIAL OF MILAN – The weekend will be full of initiatives to remember the persecution of the Jewish people. In Milan, victims of the racial laws introduced in 1938 were deported by trains leaving from Platform 21 in the Central Railway Station. And Platform 21 is now the Shoah Memorial of Milan. Friday 25 (9.30 am to 2 pm), Sunday 27 and Monday 28 (10 am to 7 pm) it will be open to visitors and it will be possible to follow free guided tours.

CIMENTO DEI NAVIGLI – Navigli, the canal district of Milan, is the place of a century-old tradition, the so-called Cimento invernale (Winter Feat): 50 brave (or crazy) people will dive into the chilly waters of Naviglio Grande on Saturday 26 at midnight, and 50 more on Sunday 27 at midday. They will have to swim for at least 50 meters if the ordeal is to be considered valid. Anybody may join the group of divers. Fee 50 euro; for more info contact Canottieri San Cristoforo, which will provide swimming suits, swim cap and bathrobe.

MUST DO – A guided walking tour in Milan with us! This week we recommend the Ghost Tour, which will take you to unusual, surprising places of our beautiful city.

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