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The Marriage of the Virgin

A great city for a short break? Come to Milan!

If you’re looking for a great city for a short break, follow the Telegraph’s advice: pick Milan!

The Marriage of the Virgin

The Marriage of the Virgin

In a recently published article, the British newspaper strongly recommends Milan not just for its shopping and food, but for its cultural sights.

What you can’t miss is the Pinacoteca di Brera, “one of the great museums in Italy, chock-a-block with paintings of the very highest quality”. Highlights include masterpieces such as The Marriage of the Virgin by Raffaello and seminal works by Mantegna, Piero della Francesca and Caravaggio just to mention a few of them.

Brera’s new director, British-Canadian James Bradburne, has injected further energy into the museum “organising new exhibitions and, adding much more detailed and prominent labelling”. Rooms are even painted in the distinctive colors of specific artistic periods, and paintings appear to jump off the wall due to the contrast and the enhanced lighting.

With a 10-minutes walk from Brera you may visit the Sforza Castle, which houses 8 collections including no less a masterpiece than the last sculpture by Michelangelo.

Did we mentioned also the Ambrosiana Library with Leonardo’s notebooks?

Book a walking tour with a local guide such as we are and you’ll fall in love with this city.



Terme Milano (from Google)

A Romantic Valentine’s day in Milan

Mermaid Bridge (from google)

Mermaid Bridge (from google)

For a Romantic Valentine’s day in Milan just follow our hip and chic tips and be sure to get a wow effect. You know, we’re more than professional tours  guides providing guided walking tours in Milan…we’re romantic girls too and we’ve got some advices to share ;-)

1.       Kiss your love on the Ponte delle Sirenette (Mermaid Bridge)

Go with your loved one to the central, quiet and romantic Parco Sempione for a walk, take pictures near the ponds and walk hand in hand. When you’ll reach the heart of  the park you’ll probably notice a lovely bridge decorated with four statues representing mermaids. Well, climb the stairs and be sure to kiss your sweetheart on this bridge while touching at least the tail of one of the mermaids…love will be neverdending.

2.       Relax at the most “Milanese” SPA in the city: QC Terme Milano

This central SPA housed in a former tram depot, combines nice pools and ambiences with a charming location. Chromotherapy, music therapy, relax rooms…our favorite spot? The Wellness Tram of course, an old tram turned into a sauna! Can you imagine anything more Milanese? They provide everything, from the shampoo to the face cream, you  just have to focus on your relax for 2.

Armani Bamboo Bar (from google)

Armani Bamboo Bar (from google)

3.       Watch the sunset from the Armani Bamboo Bar

The stylish, very-Armani Bamboo bar is at the 7 floor of the Armani building in via Manzoni. You could recognize this place with blindfolded, thanks to the light incense smell which spreads through the ambience.  Ask for a table near the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the red rooftops of the city with the Duomo in background and toast with a delicious cocktail prepared by one of the best bartenders in the world. If you want to dedicate a special treat to your baby, just ask in advance to prepare a heartshaped cake

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kiefer - Hangar Bicocca

Great photography and contemporary art exhibitions in Milan

10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como

We constantly look for cool tips to give to our readers, and today we talk about where to see great photography and contemporary art exhibitions in Milan.

A dreamy place, a fairy tale…words are not enough to portray the coolest concept store in town: 10 Corso Como. Here, besides the clothes, there’s always a  photography exhibition going on. And what is shocking is that the entrance is free! For the upcoming ones, check out here.

Also the website is full of nice surprises and a special treat for fashion lovers is the printable 2015 calendar you can download here.

Kiefer - Hangar Bicocca

Kiefer – Hangar Bicocca

Another totally unexpected place is the stunning Hangar Bicocca, the ultimate address for contemporary art lovers. In this industrial building are permanently displayed the  Kiefer’s Seven Heavenly Palaces and take place temporary exhibitions, like the current: “Joan Jonas – Light Time Tales”. To check out the upcoming ones, just have a look here.

If you’ve got any other specific interest, just write us and Bella Milano Tours will realize a special Milan Guided Tour designed on you!

Unicredit Tower - Milan

Milan is the most modern city in Italy

Unicredit Tower

Unicredit Tower

Milan is the most modern city in Italy and it’s becoming more and more…friendly with everyone: citizens, cyclists, old people, poor people, young people and tourists! Every day something new is under construction. Car sharing, bike sharing, new projects for green areas, open wifi areas, everything goes in the right direction to create the city of the future. And for the tourists? The cultural offer is extremely wide and this ferment is breathable. Taking a look to the tourist portal of Milan is Tourism is enough to realize that this bustling city is much more than just fashion, design and finance!

Milan is amazing, bustling, exciting, rich in culture and soul!

Psstt……a free guide to the city can be downloaded here