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Sweet hearts by Bastianello

San Valentino a Milano

San Valentino a Milano…can you imagine anything more romantic? Your Cupid-guides are about to share with you the best tips for a perfect Valentine’s day.

Villa Reale Park

Villa Reale Park

Start your day with a lavish breakfast at Bastianello. This finely decorated Art Nouveau café is very popular with locals, but you will forget the crowd while sipping a creamy cappuccino and tasting a rich and tasty kipfel. Real treats for your heart!

Then, take a stroll along the elegant Corso Venezia, Stendhal’s favourite spot in Milan, where in the 19th century the aristocracy used to promenade. Turn left to via Palestro and reach the imposing façade of a Neoclassical urban villa.

A few meters before the main entrance, you will find the access to the park, Milan’s first English-style garden. Enter the park, regardless of the sign saying “Access to this park is reserved to children up to 12 years accompanied by adults”. The custodians will not stop you, unless you linger too long in the garden. But if you take your companion by the hand and remind them that it’s Valentine’s time, they will understand ;-)
Inside the park, keep left; let the sound of the waterfall guide you. Follow the path climbing behind the waterfall.

When you get to the top of the path, over the waterfall, stop, lean on the wooden fence, look and admire the elegant front of the villa, and enjoy the magic.

Tania Mazzoleni - Mad Zone

Tania Mazzoleni – Mad Zone

Now come back down to earth and slowly walk towards the glittering Fashion District, where we suggest to have lunch in a well hidden ancient court. At the Salumaio di Via Montenapoleone, you’ll taste a fine selection of cold cuts and the best Italian cheese.

If you happen to be in town on Saturday 11th, don’t miss a special Valentine’s event at Mad Zone, a colorful concept store in the heart of the artistic Brera district. Charming Tania Mazzoleni, founder of Mad Zone, will welcome you and your mate to a wonderland of surprises: get yourself a Love Passport, your heart’s identity card illustrated by an artist, wear a T-shirt personalized with your love message and get a free make-up session. If you are curious about love tips, ask for the “spicy corner” ;-) We did it!

For dinner you deserve one of the most fascinating views of the city. At Giacomo Arengario in Duomo square, book a table close to the big window and you’ll dine with the white façade of the Duomo right in front of your eyes. Isn’t this the perfect place for a proposal?


Your Cupid-guides

Tony Cragg

Art at the top

Tony Cragg

Tony Cragg

Our guided walking tours in Milan always include a visit to the rooftop of the cathedral. When we climb the last few steps and reach the upper terrace, the view of the tall spire holding the majestic golden statue  of the Virgin Mary is a moment of pure awe.

But these days the “wow effect” is enhanced by  the presence of weird masses of stone and metal scattered on the upper terrace of Duomo. The mistery is soon unveiled: it is a monographic exhibition of pieces by British artist Tony Cragg, whose “Paradox” is already housed inside the cathedral.

Cragg’s works weigh tonnes, and yet, balancing on small bases,  they look weighless. Exactly like Milan’s Duomo, a solid mass of marble but at the same time a delicately yarned lace of statues,  pinnacles and flowered crests.

It is a sort of dialogue between modern and gothic art, surrounded by one of  the most fascinating view of the city. Add a sunny, warm April day, and magic is here.