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Merry Christmas from Ciccio

Merry Christmas from Bella Milano Tours

Merry Christmas from Matilde

Merry Christmas from Matilde

Merry Christmas from Bella Milan Tours

Mirella & Valeria – together with our four-legged family members – wish you all a very merry Christmas! Whether you are celebrating a secular or religious Christmas, your day is sure to be filled with happiness. You may be wondering what we do for Christmas in Italy. Actually, traditions and customs are quite different in the 20 Italian regions, so there is not just one answer to such question. But all through our country, food is going to be on the front stage during the Holiday Season. So, follow us on a little virtual food tour of Italy and discover what Mirella and I are going to do on Christmas Eve and Day.


Merry Christmas from Lo Smilzo

Merry Christmas from Lo Smilzo

In the South of Italy, Christmas Eve is the peak

Valeria’s husband Andrea is from the South of Italy, where Christmas Eve is the peak of season’s celebrations. We will gather at Andrea’s parents’ house and his mamma Iolanda will prepare for us all a so-called “cena di magro”, literally “meagre dinner”, that is meatless dinner. It is supposed to be a light dinner, as a token of respect for the imminent birth of Jesus. But, come on, we are in Italy, a light dinner is blasphemy! So our menu will include risotto with cuttlefish, codfish with bellpepper, and a dessert named “calzuncini”, sort of sweet ravioli stuffed with wine must and chocolate. Definitely, no meagre dinner here. Late in the evening we will go to church for the solemn midnight mass, and when we are back it is finally time to open our gifts.


Merry Christmas from Dana

Merry Christmas from Dana

In Piedmont, Christmas day is the day

Mirella is from Alessandria, in Piedmont, a Northern region with a spectacular food and wine tradition. In the North of Italy Christmas Day is the day, and Christmas lunch the crowning moment. The menu at Mirella’s parents’ always includes typical agnolotti del plin, made with small pieces of flattened pasta dough, folded over a filling of roasted meat or vegetables. A triumph of roasted meat will follow, as lavish and generous as on the table of Henry VIII. Panettone will be the dessert; as a matter of fact it is traditional of Milan, but nowadays it can be found on every Italian table on Christmas Day. And presents? Unwrapping time is in the morning, when the family reunites, after the hugs and kisses and laughter, while everybody is sipping a heart-warming glass of wine and getting prepared for the festive lunch that lies ahead.

This is how we celebrate family ties and show our gratitude for all the things we have. We wish everybody wonder and warmth and happiness and joy. Merry Christmas!

Magic Milan

BellaMilano Tours is on Cara Magazine!

We’re proud to announce that BellaMilano Tours is on Cara Magazine!

We’ve recently met Jo Linehan, fashion editor of the Irish magazine, and she wrote these flattering words about us:

“Luxury shopping is one thing but Milan’s rich artisanal history is quite another.Idiscover BellaMilano Tours (, a walking tour run by the inspirational and highly informed Mirella Maestri and Valeria Andreoli. They have been helping tourists and day-trippers uncover Milan’s ancient treasures for years, and their insider knowledge and longstanding relationships with local shopkeepers mean you gain rare access inside the ateliers and workspaces of Milan’s most revered creatives”.

Here you can find the full article :-)


Where to drink a good cocktail in Milan

Tommy's Lady @Pinch Milano

Tommy’s Lady @Pinch Milano

Living in Milan is just exciting and we can’t stop sharing with you our experiences with you. The choice for bars is wide and rich, but like everyone, we’ve our favorite corners, so this one doesn’t want to be the ultimate guide to cocktail bars in Milan, but just our selection of places where we like to go when we want to drink a great cocktail in a cool place with our friends or loved ones.

Pinch Spirits & Kitchen

In the charming frame of the Naviglio Grande, one of the two surviving canals of Milan, this 30s inspired cocktail bar with a hint of contemporary has just celebrated its first birthday, but is already a landmark for cocktail lovers. The offer of drinks is rich and accurate and if you feel overwhelmed, ask the bartender, he’ll suggest you the best. If you’re hungry you may order something to eat like burgers or fish and chips (and this is our choice).

Our tip:  Tommy’s Lady, we don’t know if is their best cocktail, but we’re still dreaming of it!

L’Elettrauto Cadore

The name means “garage” and dates back to the origin of the place which was actually a garage, before being transformed into a hip bar. We like to come here for an “aperitivo” or after dinner for a cocktail, the atmosphere is understatement and chill, waiters are kind, the buffet is rich and cocktails are great. When the season is warm, you may choose to seat outside.



Our tip:  When we’ve time, we like to buy a magazine, seat outside and have a 1-hour-long breakfast.

Armani Bamboo Bar

A high-end address and one of the best cocktail bars in town. The perfect place if you want to feel special and surrounded by beauty: the beauty of the elegant palette of furniture and fabrics and of the city, visible from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Everything, from the music to the incense perfume, will envelope you with a pleasant feeling. And what can we say about the service? Armani standard of course!

Our tip: Come here at sunset, the orange light of the sun going down and the Duomo in the background are priceless.

And what about you? Tell us about your favorite addresses in town!

Terme Milano (from Google)

A Romantic Valentine’s day in Milan

Mermaid Bridge (from google)

Mermaid Bridge (from google)

For a Romantic Valentine’s day in Milan just follow our hip and chic tips and be sure to get a wow effect. You know, we’re more than professional tours  guides providing guided walking tours in Milan…we’re romantic girls too and we’ve got some advices to share ;-)

1.       Kiss your love on the Ponte delle Sirenette (Mermaid Bridge)

Go with your loved one to the central, quiet and romantic Parco Sempione for a walk, take pictures near the ponds and walk hand in hand. When you’ll reach the heart of  the park you’ll probably notice a lovely bridge decorated with four statues representing mermaids. Well, climb the stairs and be sure to kiss your sweetheart on this bridge while touching at least the tail of one of the mermaids…love will be neverdending.

2.       Relax at the most “Milanese” SPA in the city: QC Terme Milano

This central SPA housed in a former tram depot, combines nice pools and ambiences with a charming location. Chromotherapy, music therapy, relax rooms…our favorite spot? The Wellness Tram of course, an old tram turned into a sauna! Can you imagine anything more Milanese? They provide everything, from the shampoo to the face cream, you  just have to focus on your relax for 2.

Armani Bamboo Bar (from google)

Armani Bamboo Bar (from google)

3.       Watch the sunset from the Armani Bamboo Bar

The stylish, very-Armani Bamboo bar is at the 7 floor of the Armani building in via Manzoni. You could recognize this place with blindfolded, thanks to the light incense smell which spreads through the ambience.  Ask for a table near the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the red rooftops of the city with the Duomo in background and toast with a delicious cocktail prepared by one of the best bartenders in the world. If you want to dedicate a special treat to your baby, just ask in advance to prepare a heartshaped cake

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kiefer - Hangar Bicocca

Great photography and contemporary art exhibitions in Milan

10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como

We constantly look for cool tips to give to our readers, and today we talk about where to see great photography and contemporary art exhibitions in Milan.

A dreamy place, a fairy tale…words are not enough to portray the coolest concept store in town: 10 Corso Como. Here, besides the clothes, there’s always a  photography exhibition going on. And what is shocking is that the entrance is free! For the upcoming ones, check out here.

Also the website is full of nice surprises and a special treat for fashion lovers is the printable 2015 calendar you can download here.

Kiefer - Hangar Bicocca

Kiefer – Hangar Bicocca

Another totally unexpected place is the stunning Hangar Bicocca, the ultimate address for contemporary art lovers. In this industrial building are permanently displayed the  Kiefer’s Seven Heavenly Palaces and take place temporary exhibitions, like the current: “Joan Jonas – Light Time Tales”. To check out the upcoming ones, just have a look here.

If you’ve got any other specific interest, just write us and Bella Milano Tours will realize a special Milan Guided Tour designed on you!

Ermanno Scervino (from Google)

Milano Moda Uomo

Ermanno Scervino (from Google)

Ermanno Scervino (from Google)

Milano Moda Uomo will take place in Milan between January 16th and 20th and will bring a blast of fashion through the city with more than 40 fashion shows! If you’ll be around and don’t want to miss anything, just download the calendar here.

But surprises are not over, for 4 days the central, charming Via Del Gesù will be turned into a classy Via dell’Uomo, a 270 meters path entirely dedicated to men’s elegance where people can stroll around through the real Italian lifestyle. Kiton, Brioni and Acqua di Parma are just few of the brands you’ll find there.

To make your  day perfect, have a drink by the Foyer, the elegant bar at Four Seasons Hotel or a light lunch by Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone. In the courtyard you’ll find one of the several hidden gems of Milan, the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, a dreamy, enchanting historic-house museum decorated in a rich Neo-Renaissance style.

And everything in just 270 meters…can you believe it?