Olive oil Tasting
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Olive oil tasting in Milan with Bella Milano Tours

Experience the new olive oil tasting in Milan with Bella Milano Tours!

Olive oil Tasting

Olive oil Tasting

Extra virgin olive oil is a pillar of Italian cuisine, but also an incredibly complex product that should be treated like wine: there are so many different types of oils, different ways to use it, and quality may be extremely varied.

That is why we now include in our food tours a training session during which you will learn how to taste oil and how to assess its quality.

Tasting session wil be guided by Astrid Vinatzer, manager of the cooking school Il Giardino dei Sapori, a lovely lady from the alpine region of Trentino who will host you in her elegant Art Nouveau villa.

You will experience a blind tasting in order to identify which, of a number of different oils, is the best and the worst, and above all why. You will train your senses to assess the organolectic characteristics of oil.

Astrid Vinatzer

Astrid Vinatzer

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