Bella Milano Ghost Tour will unveil the unusual and darkest side of Milan.

San Bernardino alle Ossa

San Bernardino alle Ossa

With your local guide, you’ll start at the center of Milan, the Cathedral. You’ll walk in front of the creepy statue portraying skinned Saint  Bartholomew, see the two mummies of Milanese archbishops and finally descend underground to the remains of Early Christian Milan.

Just a few steps away, there’s one of city’s most mysterious places, the so-called Bones Chapel, where tibias and skulls of thousands of skeletons decorate every inch of this unique church.

Even most of the Milanese don’t know that in the tenebrous crypt of San Sepolcro – right in the very heart of ancient Roman Milan – there’s a sarcophagus preserving holy soil from Jerusalem brought to Milan by the Crusaders. Next to it, a spine-chilling realistic statue representing Saint Charles is praying on his knees.

Saint Ambrose Basilica hides a wealth of symbols and legends, stories and secrets. Our favourite is the one about the Devil’s column…move close to it, sniff through its holes and suddely you’ll smell hell’s sulfurous air and hear the sceams of damned souls.

Sforza Castle has been house for spooky ghosts for centuries: the beheaded white-clad Countess of Challant, the veiled Black Lady of the park, the moaning spirit of Bona di Savoia.

Scared? You better be :-)